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 Title: ???
Rating: T
Summary: College students get to relax in all the right ways.
Notes: No beta! I wanted a college!au and a coffeeshop!au but then I was watching gossip girl and this happened and I sort of dig it? I don't know, but big blowouts always make me want one. Also, I still don't have the hang of read mores so I can't really do them, but hey more fanfics, wooh!
Word Count: 1334

Dipping into the backseat of a cab, Sakura readily gave out the address to a party she was surely late to. Fashionably late of course. She learned a couple of summers ago that it was no good if she arrived too early or right on time. Not only that, she was half dressed and spent most of the bumpy ride expertly placing makeup on her skin in order to bring out her striking emerald eyes. Thankfully, her best friend Ino was somewhat of a model these days and was able to give her tips on doing many things in the backseat either with boyfriends or girlfriends or on the lonesome and most of it involved makeup.
Smacking her lips at the rearview mirror and winking, the taxi pulled up at the Hyuuga mansion and she could tell the party was bumping. She paid as much as she needed to and thensome, climbing out with more grace than she knew she had. Once she slammed the door harder than need be, Sakura began to tug and pull at her dress which ended way above her knees but a little below her bum. Her heels clicked and clacked as she breached the crowds of other university students half drunk on their asses.
A cup was handed to her easily, but she passed it off to a gentleman trying to nibble or suck on some girl’s ear. She didn’t know what was happening between them, but she did notice his hand was certainly up her skirt. Sakura continue to push through the throng of bodies, some sweaty and some not, and her dress was indefinitely creeping higher. She had to clasp a hand on her purse and the other at the edge of her dress and she wondered why she even allowed Ino to give her such a scantily clad item. Well, she did know the reason because Ino had said she’d gotten a great ass in the last semester thanks to her recent need for fit training but still--!
She’d passed through the foyer and into the main hall only to hear her name and look up at one of the two staircases she knew were in the mansion. A wide smile passed over her lips as one of the people who lived in the mansion came down to greet her, practically throwing themselves into her arms and placing two small kisses on her cheeks. Sakura almost pouted when they disentangled themselves from her arms but was fine with the fingers wrapping around her wrist and almost stroking her pulse point.
“Hinata, it’s so good to see you. This semester’s been killing me so much that I haven’t had enough time to visit you! Ugh, I’m glad to see you’re doing well though.”
Sakura had to yell over the loud music and ranges of screams swaddling them, and before Hinata could even say anything in response, she made a hopeless expression before crooking her finger to follow while tugging at Sakura’s wrist. The two females weaved through the people before escaping through a door to the backyard where it was a little less insane. Hinata figured she probably shouldn’t have allowed Naruto and Kiba to be in charge of flyers and party promotion, but there was nothing she could really do at this moment. As long as everyone was enjoying themselves and having one last hurrah before the finals rolled in, she guessed that she could live with it.
Hinata brought Sakura over to a grand fountain area in the back. It was surrounded by a great deal of flora and fauna and even a few benches for people to collect themselves at, but they sat right on top of the marble so she could press a few of her fingers into the chilled water. It was a lovely spring night, the eve of summer was right before them and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
Sakura sat right beside Hinata, letting their legs and shoulders brush before leaning in and pressing her lips against Hinata’s pale neck. Since the raven haired beauty let her guard down as she was poised to look towards the fountain, she jumped a little and nearly fell into the pool. She even squeaked, flapping her arms a little, before Sakura gripped her tight and pulled her flush against her side. They were both blushing; it was hard to be in love with someone from another class and major to boot.
Hinata’s dress rode up thanks to their contact, and when Sakura looked down to sneak a peek at pale thighs, she swallowed. Her hand moved out of its own volition, fingernails raking against the flesh offered to her and Hinata shivered.
“Sorry, couldn’t help it.”
Hinata only wrapped Sakura’s arms around her and pressed their bodies together. Sitting chest to chest on the fountain, Sakura could hear her heart pounding in her chest in tandem with the booming stereo system in the mansion. She wondered if Hinata’s was doing the same as they embraced each other, but the thought flicked by quickly as luscious lips attached themselves to her neck softly. Now it was Sakura’s turn to shiver as Hinata kept pressing chaste kisses to her skin, making it tingle with each passing moment.
Two years prior, she would never have imagined the two of them intertwined like this or Hinata making the first move of the night. However, as they began to spend more late nights in the library together, studying mostly or going for coffee runs thanks to impending examinations or difficult internships, they’d crossed the threshold from friends to lovers. Sakura moved from the normal scholarship/loan based theories of university she had and somehow plunged into the richy rich clique of university students with her girlfriend leading the way. She’d also found out just how aggressive Hinata could be when a committed relationship took place and how much she’d give for the person she fell for.
Sakura giggled when Hinata tried nibbling on her ear in a more gracious manner than the guy had done to his girl earlier. The raven haired beauty knew her lady was ticklish there and smiled against her skin before pulling away to look into those emerald eyes and planting a kiss on her lips. Hinata opened her mouth to say something, but there was a bird call that neither of them could mistake as coming from an actual bird and Hinata sighed deeply. It was time for some damage control.
“I’ll meet you in your room in twenty. I’ll go find Naruto and Sasuke…go take care of your team. I’m sure Neji will take care of his and Shika too,” Sakura told her lover as Hinata had no choice but to pull away.
“I’d like that. If I’m not in my room in twenty, come find me. I might be buried under beer cans.”
The both of them laughed before kissing each other one more time. Hinata fully pulled away and left the fountain area. She had to do a massive clean-up with her cousin Neji. She supposed that the party had gotten a little out of hand, and if anyone wanted to stay with a clean-cut record then they’d have to push some people out. It was only right. The Hyuugas didn’t need any more trouble after all the scandals surrounding homosexuality  gracing the papers for the last few months.
Sakura stayed by the fountain, fishing out a penny and throwing into the fountain after making a wish. She looked in the direction of the mansion, noting that people that were not the normal crew flocked out of the whole place in less time than she expected. Biting down on her bottom lip, she pulled her dress down again and headed inside. Maybe she should take a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet and chill it for the long night ahead.
It’s not as if Hinata’s parents were going to miss it anyway.
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Title: ??? <--I'll think of one eventually.
Rating: K+/T
Summary: Roller Derby gals are the best.
Notes: So not beta'd. Totally for SakuHina week. Here I show up a day late with derby girls. Can you blame me? I'm so not working on Nano instead I'm doing...well, this. Cuties with booties. Yup.
Word Count: 1561
The scrape of the skates on the asphalt of the track forced Sakura to look in the direction of the newbies. Her bottom lip twitched with the beginnings of a smile or a smirk—she didn’t know which—and she just sat on a bench observing. There was a wide lineup this time around, much better than when she’d joined a year or so ago, and she was eager to see their skills. She stretched out her legs, letting her own skates roll on the floor softly as the whistle from the coach shouted for silence before the woman’s mouth did.
“Alright, ladies! Here’s how it works--!”
Tsunade’s booming voice filled the empty parking lot turned roller rink with an intensity that she carried on her person at all times. Sakura watched as a few of the girls twitched, one who was especially dainty and pretty with cascading midnight locks and clear eyes looked like she wasn’t going to last very long. Sakura almost wondered just why the hell she’d even joined in the first place, but then admonished herself mentally when she herself hadn’t been all that different when she’d been scouted by TenTen before.
Elbows digging into her fleshy thighs, Sakura listened to the same opening speech of not fucking up, looking like a fierce badass, and all types of feminist stanzas that would make even the most refined lady wet in the knickers. It didn’t take all that long for her to but in and rain on Tsunade’s parade, but once the woman got into the groove of her speech, sometimes she got too into it and unfortunately her right-hand Shizune was planning the next couple of games and practice sessions in the office, so Sakura had to pick up the slack.
Getting up from the bench, she easily skidded towards Tsunade, only stopping short in front of the busty blonde in her harem pants and comfortable blouse looking more like a dance instructor than a roller derby coach. Tsunade’s gaze hardened and she all but glared at the pink haired young woman, but took the hint. Instead of backing down however, she raised the whistle to her lips, making Sakura flinch once it rang in her face and hollered for them to get in position.
Sakura had no choice but to show the girls the starting position. Their aim was to skate like their lives depended on it first before they got into any actual heavy-duty plays. When she bent over and threw her gaze behind her, she noted that a few girls were checking out her ass more than she intended, and just for kicks even ended up wiggling it so they could bat their eyelashes of blush—the midnight chick as she dubbed in her mind did the latter. Sakura grinned.
Another piercing whistle made Sakura jumpstart into action. She glided through the ring, skating forwards, twisting somewhere in the middle, before ending up where she started completely overlooking the candidates backwards. She heard the girls gasping, saw some of them clutching their chest, but the midnight chick watched her with wonder instead of amazement and Sakura loved it. Who the hell was she?
It didn’t take her that long to find out.
Hinata was unexpectedly fantastic at skating but when it came to bodily harming another person she totally fucked up. Sakura could see that this one had a heart of gold, but she wasn’t going to make it if she couldn’t ram her shoulder into another chick to knock her out of range. Sakura loved watching Hinata duck and dive, managing to weave through each and every one of her opponents as the day grew long and everyone else was growing tired, but she just couldn’t hurt someone else.
Or she just couldn’t yet.
When the first five drills were over and those who couldn’t make the team were patted on the back and told “better luck next time,” Sakura skated over to Hinata’s bench and plopped down beside her. She breathed out, almost panting in order to puff out the bit of chest she had. Then again, she’d also noticed that Hinata was packing a lot more than her and was somewhat jealous as well as intrigued. The poor girl jolted, nearly dropping the skate that she’d taken off to let her feet breathe.
“Are you just too nice or do people scare you?”
Hinata put down the skate, fiddling with her fingertips and scanning around as if someone she didn’t want to see was in the vicinity. She couldn’t look at Sakura.
“W-Well, I-I…uhm…I-I just…” More fiddling. Sakura watched. “Seeing p-people hurt is j-just…” Even more fiddling. Sakura bit her lip. A laugh rose from her belly. “I-It’s n-not right..?”
Gods she was cute. Sakura slammed her hand down on the bench; Hinata flinched and stared up at her. Clear grey eyes opened wide, but not nearly as scared as she could have been. A question was evident in her face and Sakura swiveled her body right in front of her.
“I’ll help you. Lesson one: everyone on the other side is your enemy. You have to take them out and then after the game you do take them out.” Sakura winked. Hinata put her skates back on and they drifted back into the ring.
Bits and pieces of gravel crunched under their skates as the pair of them flew around the track. Sakura pointed out their elbow pads and safeguards and what-have-you but Hinata was still very wary about causing any kind of bodily harm. She was totally against the ferocity of bringing another girl to her knees from elbowing her in the side or pushing her so hard that she flew off the track. She asked if Sakura ever broke anything from doing the sport.
“I’ve actually broke a tooth and been covered in bruises. Worth it.”
Hinata was horrified, but she came back the next few weeks. Sakura eased her into pushing and shoving and elbowing and bruising. It was the little things. She had to make sure to tell Hinata that she knew all about the areas to hit which would cause harm and which wouldn’t. There were areas of the body that hurt more than others but which bruised less or bruised too much. Hinata was fascinated and perturbed, but Sakura kept her around like a protégé. Hinata was to Sakura as she was to Tsunade.
Or so she thought, until a game finally happened.
It was fun, it was heavy, it was hot, and it was easy.
And Sakura lived for it.
Hinata did not.
The crowd was loud, writhing like another entity altogether, and it intimidated her to no end. She tried to focus on her opponents but they were all gritty and spitting and seemed too old for this sort of thing and she pretty much recoiled on sight and the brunette bunhead of their team only pinched her arm before winking. She took deep breaths when they got into position after dressing themselves up in protective gear. Everyone had hardened expressions but she looked more like a deer in headlights and gulped when the blow horn went off.
Hinata sped, Sakura elbowed, and the rest of the team did a combination of the two. The game was a whirlwind of pushes and shoves and tries to reach the ultimate goal. Because Sakura had taught her so well, Hinata managed to conquer her fear of coming into contact with another player. She had loved the thrill of moving around constantly, not having to think so much about what she was doing or what could happen in the next few moments, and when it came towards the end of the rounds, she took off too hard and nearly came off the track.
An opposing girl elbowed her in the side hard. Hinata was winded, but thankfully hadn’t fallen. She just got sidetracked, and had to breathe. Sakura called out to her and noticed that her expression went from frazzled to focus in a minute. Green eyes caught clear ones for a fraction of a second before Hinata sped off again, this time with a vendetta. She bypassed players on both teams before getting to the girl who elbowed her; she smiled beautifully staying side by side and didn’t let her get her again.
Instead, the girl got got.
Hinata didn’t let the girl score as she was supposed to. The split seconds between letting her and not, Hinata ended up shouldering her so hard that the impact sent her whirling off the track and onto her ass. The girl hit the side posts that sheltered the players from the crowd that roared for Hinata.
Tsunade’s team won shortly after that.
Sakura took off her helmet; she panted and yelled along with the crowd, calling out for them to chant harder. They did as she commanded, pumping fists in the air and calling out seemingly random numbers that was on the back of the girls’ jerseys. Hinata’s was among them and she blushed once she realized it. A laugh of disbelief crept from her throat just as Sakura caught her blushing and settled for wrapping an arm around her shoulder. Soft lips pressed against Hinata’s cheek turning their pink tint into crimson and embarrassing her further.

Hard work paid off indeed.


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